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Finite Element Analysis should NOT be done by hand.

So that test was awful; not even counting that I stayed up all night cramming for it. I haven't been trounced that bad since ConApps - and at least in ConApps you could learn to be fast - but this is not ConApps. It's a freaking hard-core big-gun approach to physics. Seriously, there's a reason we're encouraged to do all our work in MatLab - there are just tons of things to track.

There were 8 problems, 80 minutes, and when time was up one girl in front of me actually exclaimed "But I only got four problems done!" As it seemed, most of the others did too, or less. Oddly, even if I get like a 50% on this test (which honestly may be a blessing), I know I can ace the final with some practice and drilling *cringe*. And there's tons of homework left, which holds a 25% stock in the course. I'm just sorta... can't care about this course.