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Solid state quantum lattice physics has crappy and confusing notation. It is not obvious what the reasoning behind the choice between k, K, K1 K2 K3 (etc.), K' K'' K''' (etc.), and their vector equivalents. Same for 'r'. And now 'q'.

The convebtion is explained as arbitrarily convenient. But darn it there WAS a rationale at some time, and for many this will be essentially unlearnable until the method behind the madness is understood. I'm lucky in having a head start in this regard... Darn confounding prof.

EDIT: From the textbook: "Itis convenient to write q in the form q=k-K, where K is a reciprical lattice vector chosen so that k lies in the first Brillouin zone.
THAT's what I mean.

Now I'll get back to memorizing Bloch's theorem - the right way.


I think you meant the other slash.

But I feel your pain on arbitrary notation. My EE courses are driving me nuts with it.
Corrected. I saw that while I was punching it up on my BB, but the quiz started immediately after.

And I'll get back to you in a few days about the micro stuff you asked me about. I need to make sure it's not a conflict of interest.
Sure sure. :-)

I just got an internet bill from AT&T in Indy. O_o

I'm hoping that they're just sending a statement because they're retarded, but... *sigh* For Sep 5-Oct 4. I swear I cancelled that. I remember talking and asking the lady if there'd be any more charges. And then you went online and paid the final bill, cause you asked me for stuff on the phone.

Blasted bureaucracies.