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A lesson learned

Baling hay: interesting, and while hard work, it is not too bad at a moderate speed (you'll still ache though...)
Roofing: Wouldn't be so bad if you were not dragging uncommonly heavy packs of gravel roofing tile - using a hammer (which I might add chunked my thumb) - uneven rectangles/warped roof design.

It's still fun to get outside and do something though. Each weekend, I spend a lot of time doing stuff outside - it's a great change of pace. Besides, I'm told I look better when burned....


Baling hay is interesting, more so when you are the least experianced one there and the 70 year old man is going faster and doing a better job than you are, and i have only done roofing with slate.

Odd huh?

While it was only Aaron, Ryan, and myself baling (easy pace) I still know what you're talking about. Old people back in the day were tough. That's right people, Jed ain't kiddin.

Yeah, This type of roofing tile was not what I was used to - I could haul a pack when I was 12, yet this pack was really though for me now, and I'm sure I'm way stronger now.