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I'm pretty sure this is what having a unicorn crap rainbows in your head feels like

So just a few minutes ago I worked out how linking work in Myst that is QM safe and at least detracts from that horrid infinite universes problem. It explains most phenomena: book-age entanglement for descriptive book changes (and linking book locality), no-cloning for the teleportation, instancing through selective sums over history, etc.

I'm still not sure where organic matter works into this for activating the link, but plot device can take care of the other details. The important thing is that the underlying mechanics are reasonable.

Oh yeah, one caveat: you can create entangled states with distant non-local particles. There's nothing to say you can't, but it is useful to worry about. I'm hoping as we build ever more complicated quantum computers we will learn more about how to exploit the mechanics of entangled states. That's the trick behind real teleportation: entangle yourself with particles that pop into existence instantaneously in the background vacuum, and break the link. No cloning will force the old you to be destroyed, and the new you will be perfectly identical to the old - just somewhere else.
. . . . . .
Though that'd jar the senses something awful though... Gut wrenching to be sure - I mean even a slight force will be felt instantaneously, the impulse of which would feel like taking a sledgehammer to one's existential self - and likely smearing you in the direction of the force. . . . Oh well, it's just a game after all :)