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Energy gap indeed

I'm posting this from my Blackberry. Just a few minutes ago I finished sketching a 5th level square fractal gasket in my lab book. That left me with almost 40 minutes to ignore the prof... Man, if I have just one more course introduce me to semiconductors just one more time, I'll lose it.

In other news, I got MatLab today. More importantly, I tried out SolidWorks today. SolidWorks has the easiest to use CAD interface I have ever see. On par with Google's 3d modeling kit in ease of use, but immansely powerful. Should the opportunity present itself, please give it a try. It makes that painful CAD work darn near fun.

I sure hope class ends soon.


Hey, have you ever heard of semiconductors? They're these really cool materials with controllable conductivity, that enable a whole lot of the electronics we use today. By a chemical process called doping, you can create structures that, combined with electricity, allow computation!
*head explodes*
That was mean.
*still dead*
Poke his dead body with a stick!!

*no response*