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Add one notch to the ol' class notebook

Today, I took my very first exam of grad school. The class is 4 credit hours, and the prof has made a point that we will not pass this course without heavy study. The material is hard, and the textbook is dull.

But I tell you, that was either the easiest exam I've taken in three years, or I failed it miserably. I got done with almost half the time left. As I walked out, I was people writing diagrams and putting a lot of work into it. Me, I drew a circle over a grid of points and circled the 8 the touched.There was more to it, but the math was easy, the concepts simple, and I just have no idea if I passed.

I hope so much Rose was just more advanced...


from what I have done/heard rose is more advanced
I wrote crappy papers and did well with them at isu (this is the level of crappy that would have gotten me a c or worse in the classes I took at rose)