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Seen the buzz on Betavoltiac batteries yet?

Here's something to know about stuff that's revolutionary: it's been in development for years. I had a 1960's Encyclopedia Britannica set when I was a little kid, and I read the articles on cool stuff like rockets and nuclear physics. That battery design linked to above? It was in there, and I always wondered why nothing has ever come of it. They envisioned it to be like a watch battery, but this is an identical technology, just bigger.

Amazing what comes back.


using a laptop with one of them may lead to a lot of waste
a lap top does not last 30 years
but that is just me finding the bad things in life
You're right really. They'll start selling laptops without batteries, I guess.

What gets me is that they say it isn't radioactive, yet it really is - very much so. It's just properly shielded is all.