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Design details matter

I bet this is not the good design it's made out to be: Baby food spoon

See, what does the kid figure from this? OMG food just appear on spoon!! ! Life's hard and confusing enough at that age without inflicting honest-to-god magic on the kid's poor underdeveloped mind. Deep down inside, that kid'll be looking for that spoon that had a lot of food in it. I know I tried to figure out where the peas on that blasted baby doll's spoon went for a long time, until I got my hands on it. I was very sad to see it was such a lame trick; the commercials were so misleading...

Anyhow, it's not a critical flaw, but I bet they didn't think of that. And, of course, an argument can be made that kids need more mind-bending magic in their lives.