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I've been stressing a lot about a programming project I've been hacking at for the last month or so. Even right now, I'm working on it. It's way past its due date and it's running under what I wanted.

This is gonna be really obvious to all you CS guys, but building an API from scratch is really, really hard. I realized I needed to do a full rewrite and scrap all the shiney extras when I realized that I had to deeply incorporate function pointers for a sane level of codability and efficiency. That, and I spent most of Saturday trying to build a text editor. Nothing fancy, just something that'll respond to motion key, backspace, delete, and have a blinking cursor in a sane spot. Gawd I got close, but after four '\n' in a row the textbox started adding spaces to its width and I had not the foggiest why. Combine that with a draw function that had to be dozens of lines long just to format and print a button, and it was starting to become a real mess. As they say, debugging is twice as hard as coding, so if you write the code as clever as you can, you by definition can't debug it.

So now I'm just gonna hack out the product so I can do a full rewrite later. There's still some pseudo code I just gotta use somewhere, but not until I remember the old polymorphic tricks. Geez it's been too many years.