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Academics say the darndest things

Here's the first sentence to a journal article I just perused:

"Neurons play an important role in many of our biological and cognitive functions." - Development of Biocompatible Paralyne Neurocages (Note: not really a part of my research).

Here's the really bizarre thing: almost all technical papers start this way. MEMS are useful because they are small. Faster response times improve performance. Lowering power consumption reduces overall energy intake needs.

It hurts the mind a bit, because after a little while you don't even notice. Here's some of the bleeding edge advances in technology, and there's this jarring obviousness to much of it. The writing style demands it, but it's weird all the same.


It's amazing how the incredibly smart manage to be so concise about the incredibly complex, and the incredibly... well... un-smart manage to be well...

Case in point: