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A couple notes to catch-up:

I went to my first KH meeting since I got here. Shoulda gone much sooner, but I seem to have some serious social anxieties; I hope they'll break me of it like the TH North bunch. I think I'll do fine here in that respect. My only concern is that I won't be challenged like I was by the congregation by RHIT. Who knows, but they're a tough group to beat. Someday, I'll move back there. They're that great.

Amber beers are my favorite. Also, Michelob + MD Game Fuel may be awesome, or horrible. It's one of those things.

My research may save lives and be profitable. And I'm allowed to say it's 'Biomed'. IP protocols rock.

I got an image to show up in OpenGL! \/\/Oo7!

And cuz I'm sure my ramblings bore, be sure to check out CG Society and Jason Chan's Art (The preview page gave some good LJ 404 links for that; apparently without http:// LJ jams it to the end of the current LJ URL). Pretty good stuff. At least, I enjoyed it. By the way, I've liked over 3300 Stumbled pages; may be indicative of a crutch... or easy amusement.