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Keepin' in rhythm

I'm about set. Nearly everything's in tune. My apartment is set (Walmart's and Target have everything, so long as it's black). My research can potentially make me money. My schooling goes well (semesters are easier than quarters - more free time :). I think I've at least enough cash-dot for steady state income. If not, I'm still able to work for Wolf, and barring all heck breaking out, I'll get that program done for them and start on some neato keen sim stuff.

More importantly, I'm feeling pretty good. So long as I can keep my enthusiasm up about learnin' stuff, I'll be great. We're going over QM in my solid state physics class. I think I may be one of three people who is really following what's going on; at least, I think the teach isn't doing very well, and I'm fairly certain I get it. Anyhow, I walk how at dusk (~7pm) and it's great.

Oh, and I got a simple stereo - it sounds great. I'll definately be listening to more music while reading in the foof. Finally, a comfortable pace while still getting stuff done. Ahhhhh