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I am away.

Hi all from Arlington.

I am officially out on my own. There's a job, home, bills, rent, and all that jazz. Everything's set, too, I think. The I-net apparently works, which is more than a little boon. I don't own a TV, and I don't plan on it either. Perhaps a TV-tuner card for when I build my desktop, but until then I'm fine.

In various (read low) levels of hilarity:
  • I left behind lots of stuff because I couldn't jam anything else in the car. (I mean it - this is the only time I could see that whole cubit foot stat useful, but I'd have loved an extra little bit. My laptop bag was my armrest until I took compy out and jammed the bag between the rear side window and a pillow under my monitor.) Pictures to come...
  • Jon's stuck with a small mess and a pile of boxes. Sorry Jon (I'll make it up to you).
  • Centennial Courts (holy cow look at the flashing) furnished my room nicely for me. I asked them not to, but it was a nice thought. They'll need to cart this stuff away soon so I can settle.
  • Volumetrically - and excluding the rediculous foof - I own more books than anything else. Perhaps the fouton mattress could rival it...
  • I register for classes on Monday, after meeting with the great folks at ARRI.
  • Incidentally, classes start Monday.
  • ...I also may change my major.
  • Speaking of IPTV, Daria rocks.

  • For tonight, I shall chill out and enjoy Memoirs of a Geisha (which I thoroughly enjoy) and From the Earth to the Moon (which will probably make me cry).

    UPDATE five minutes later: Holy cow my A/C is loud! ... And Unshelved is again deadpan hilarious.


Haha. No problem. Glad you made it safely, sir.