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Two books of immense knowledge

Too bad they're blank. Even so, I've got a 2x500GB just waiting to be filled. Step one: back up all my DVDs. And my Compy, whose HD is no doubt going to give up soon - no sign yet, but it's seriously overdue. Oh man, I'm so thrilled - I really like piles of data!

I also got 4x 15' @ 1500lb tie downs. Not only will they be stylish when I'm broken down on the side of the road, they will hopefully compress that stupid foof to a manageable size. I'll get pictures if it's sufficiently small.

Addendum: I had no idea it was that dense. I nearly killed myself trying to impact it to get a few extra clicks out of the tie-down lines. I jump-stomped it - and instead of crushing, it rolled. And it's only smaller. No way it'll deform to get through the car door.