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Two books of immense knowledge

Too bad they're blank. Even so, I've got a 2x500GB just waiting to be filled. Step one: back up all my DVDs. And my Compy, whose HD is no doubt going to give up soon - no sign yet, but it's seriously overdue. Oh man, I'm so thrilled - I really like piles of data!

I also got 4x 15' @ 1500lb tie downs. Not only will they be stylish when I'm broken down on the side of the road, they will hopefully compress that stupid foof to a manageable size. I'll get pictures if it's sufficiently small.

Addendum: I had no idea it was that dense. I nearly killed myself trying to impact it to get a few extra clicks out of the tie-down lines. I jump-stomped it - and instead of crushing, it rolled. And it's only smaller. No way it'll deform to get through the car door.


Unless you're talking about my hard drives, then yes. I'm just itching for some hard core raw data smut. I'm thinking render pipes followed by a good chaotic fractal loop.

The tie-downs though are far to hard work to be erotic. I mean dang that poofy thing is surprisingly dense.
What's not sexy about tie-downs?
There's no right way to put this: hand cramps.
Hmm, you must not be doing it right. I'm sure there's a fetish site for this somewhere.