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Remembering Fallout

Today I heard what I feel is the most pertinent NPR segment on the Iraq situation yet: Advice to WWII Soldiers in Iraq Relevant Today. Be sure to listen to it if you get a chance, but please read the article. The segment hits the quintessential flaw of the Iraqi campaign. I mean this as social, not political, commentary. Americans have a lousy attitude about the situation in Iraq, and yet this pamphlet gives fine - at times witty - advice in dealing with Iraqis. The pamphlet is rather old, dating to World War II, and yet is still accurate and useful. More than that, though, is how it emphasizes winning over the Iraqis.

No one seems to try to win over allies anymore; I only see moral and diplomatic coercion. No wonder people are disillusioned.

More excerpts can be seen here.