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I'm fairly certain that I will not be paying some bizarre credit card fees. Now, in retrospect, I know why they were there, but not for lack of trying to avoid it myself. I plan on getting them to listen to the recorded conversation, since I was pretty darn confused and they didn't help.

Worst case, I close the account and report Chase to the credit reporting agencies so my complaint can be on record. Because I darn well have not made a late payment.


What happened?
As it turns out, I tried had an obsolete Chase savings account that was still stored as the credit card's online payment account. I was sure I fixed this, but I guess I didn't.

What I am going to argue is that I tried to straighten out my mistake, but their rep didn't tell me what I did wrong. To ensure I did not miss a payment, I tried again with a smaller amount. It seemed to have worked, but then it didn't and I over withdrew. There was no way for me to realize the account was improperly entered, since now it says an entirely different bank. At any rate, I don't want my credit to hurt from this idiotic mix-up, and I don't think it's fair for me to pay $80 in fees + a possible interest rate hike.