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I just finished Starslip Crisis. The comic's premise is awesome, and it stays true to form the entire series. It never loses itself off the deep-end (as much as it could), and the characters are rather well written.

Besides, how could a comic about a decommissioned luxury battle cruiser turned Terran art museum not be awesome? Enjoy, I did.



Having read both Starslip Crisis (http://www.starslipcrisis.com/index.shtml) and Schlock Mercenary (http://www.schlockmercenary.com/), I have to say that while they are both enjoyable examples of the humorous space romp, Starslip Crisis was just not as good. While the style and level of Funny Stuff(tm) is fairly comparable between the two, Schlock Mercenary has a more developed world (or universe, as the case may be) and does not lean so heavily on the crutch of parody for its humor. I also found Starslip Crisis's unpredictably sporatic updates inconducive to continued reading, whereas Schlock Mercenary has had reliable daily updates for several years.

Oh, by the way, Hi! I read live journal sometimes!
Ya know, I've been meaning to get to Schlock Mercenary.

While I can't weight the two, what I like most about Starslip is that it is essentially about an art museum. It just happens to be in a space ship. But then, I just love those types of juxtapositions.

I'll start hammering through Schlock now! Thanks!