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Why you should play URU

Because weird stuff happens to you personally. There are lots of players, but there's always to opportunity to be the guy who says, "A strange thing happened to me the other day..." and it hasn't happened to anyone else yet. I'm not sure that actually happened to me, but it certainly was cool. Dark guy with dim (apparently glowing eyes - I've seen what the Bahro stare like) says mysterious things, then links out. It was cool. (Though I really need to leap on the screen-shotting if people are gonna believe me...)

That, and the freaking puzzles are difficult but rather neat. I won't touch the four book age without another person; and the garden age is solved - but I need another person to call out the sequence for me :P

Anyway. Good fun, glad I'm on it again. It's taxing, but relaxing.


We should run through the garden ages sometime. I still haven't solved them myself.
Sure. Drop me a line sometime and we'll get the Bevin garden age finished - I'm fairly sure that one is straightforward. The four book age, though, is another matter. No idea where to begin aside from sittin' and waiting (which is fine for me). I'm still Relavahn, as the Bevin logger no doubt shows.
Have you read everything in the museum, where you found the four books? Have you revisited the desert pod a few times on different logons?
Not in the least. Haven't even touched it yet aside from adding it to the bookcase; I've note read any of the nearby books or anything. I'll fool with it a bit either tonight or tomorrow night.
Oh, cool. Check out what's coming soon. I still need to come up with a good idea for a marker game, myself.