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So I just got done calibrating the Great Zero in Uru. The Guild of Greeters have kindly provided a walkthrough with pictures, and that made the tedious task of calibrating the Great Zero less blind-wandering. Still, I forgot how much I enjoy the game.

I have the two new ages to tackle. I think I have one solved. As for the desert at night, holy cow. It's either very simple, very complex, or merely very intricate; I've got a lead on each solution, but it's hard to narrow it down. Awesome.

It's a pretty neat game, and it's not uber addicting like some others. It's just interesting to wander and explore.


The desert at night is awesome. You'll kick yourself.
I've been getting that feeling. I actually have two Ki images that show the galaxy almost perfectly sideways - I got almost to the edge of the world once. Granted, I thought it would be cool, but I was trying out a solution, too.
I take it all back. Now I'm just irritated. I got the bolt o' lightning in the cage, and from there it's stuck. I've tried all kinds of stuff. Same from permuting the flags and tracing the 5 constellations in the craters. The puzzle is so freaking over clued I can't make any sense of it at all. I mean, I'm not even sure this is all there is to it. Once the sigma constellation moves and the link stone is activated, nothing else seems to happen.

And I hate the fact that one of the suns lines up with the stone. I mean jeez, that oughta mean something - anything.
So you got the lightning bolt. That means you did #1 correctly. How many do you think there are? I'll give you a clue: It's prime, and it's not 3 or 7.
Yeah, I figured 5. I'm just tired of trying to find my way to them. I'll hack it out later tonight.

So long as all those clues mean something, I'll be happy in the end.