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JW DC - Day 1

Not that I'm gonna update daily, but this has been a surprisingly good day. These conventions can be hit or miss, skimming the intellectual surface dogmatically or presenting new and/or interesting takes on doctrine. Seems this time the sub-theme is read the Bible with meaning - like imagine what really was going on, how people spoke, ambiance, etc. There was also an excellent talk by Terre Haute's own Dean W., who I think out did the guy from WT HQ (aka Bethel - am I pushing the acronyms just far enough?); I want a recording of the way he said, "Yes I see. . . wonderful things.". So I was actually given something to think about - including - but not limited to - checking and working out the statistical likelihood of Jesus fulfilling prophecy (taking into account the local circumstances and limiting to the stuff that's pretty well understood symbolically at large and well known as preceding Jesus' life. Some scholar placed the main 8 prophecies at something on 1 : 10^16 or so, and I'm not sure his credentials verify his methods nor if that number is actually unlikely or not).

Oh, and while no-one besides daeriel may care, I got my first slice in almost a year of decent pizzeria pie at Slice, which is caddy-corner to U. of E. The roof of my mouth has blisters from it, which means it's been a real long time. I also got a caramel-praline shake from Lic's, all after buying books at B&N (and another Moleskine - tip of the hat to guyblade for the clue). So despite being alone in all of it, things are nice. Now I'm gonna go program by the pool. Because I wanna get paid for today.

PS: It takes me three tries every time to get the lj user tag to work, 'cuz it is not like lj-cut.