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End of the world routine

So I went to a local JW meetin' tonight. First off, let me point out that there was a hall across from a hall. I was confused. I now know which is the congregation (and which congregation meeting at that hall) for the area I live in.

I also felt near sheer panic. Not often do I have to suppress trembling. Turns out I was really at home in the TH North hall. I may not feel so at ease for a very long time. It scared me pretty bad. The next three months may be almost unbearable if I don't figure out how to fake that whole extroversion thing without wearing myself out or acting like a donkey's rear.

So now I have an ambition. I plan to get a doctorate and go teach at Rose so I can have a good reason to go back to that congregation. Wierd huh? I mean, sure, other places will grow on me, but I doubt like that place. Rose and TH North were my home, moreso than any place in FL, save Sam's home.

I hope I can make it through the next meeting...


Moving to a new place can really suck. I'm sorry to hear that you were uncomfortable, but I have confidence that you'll figure something out. You're a pretty likable guy. I'm rooting for you.
Ahh, thanks. I think it may have just been jitters. Really bad ones...

I'll try again Sunday and see where it goes. Seems most of my extroversion is really just an act. So I'll just act it out!