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'I'm gonna soak up the sun...'

First day at Wolf Technical: This place is awesome. The work will be interesting, challenging, and engaging. The people are fascinating and brilliant. While I would love to regale y'all with some of the stuff that makes working there a joy, I haven't the time nor you the patience. Suffice it to say it's my ideal job.

But! See there's a hitch. It appears the UTA people are serious about me - or at least haven't given up. I mean, I could work at ARRI in the microfactory developing new assembly systems while earning my PhD (and MS as it's going)! Good pay, another band of cool people, and facilities that'll knock your socks off ('cept it's a cleanroom, so don't).
Most likely, I'd go to UTA and come back to Wolf, or just freelance with 'em.

By the way, I went to visit U Penn, and realized that it's not at all the place I'd like to go.

I stopped by my mom's while I was (relatively) in the area. I got to hang with my little cousin(e)s and had a blast fooling around. My radiator hose broke again on the way back, but since I had the replacement hose and was determined to get back, everything worked out. I put nearly 1600 miles in the last few days, but it was a cool trip.

I'll post pics of the apartment when I finish - it's a nice place!


There was this summer when the radio station I listened to played that song every thirty minutes for three months.

If they'll help you pay for your PhD, it would probably be worth the few years you'd have to spend there.

I'm glad everything is going so well for you!