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It's a wonderful feeling when you suddenly realize that you life is alright. Let's face it, blogs and LiveJournals are full of people who angst, cry, weep, and moan about how cruddy their life is and how the world is just a few picotorrs short of space.
Well, I like angst as much as the next introspective loner, but today I say (with full apologizes to those who may misinterpret this as bragging), I'm happy. It's been a good day. I've got good friends and the people I hang out with are generally pleasant (when not angsting...). I love my job - I'm so busy I've had to prioritize my tasks. I'm just stressed enough to accomplish something good, but not enough to worry me; even if little gets done, I will be here for another two years - and I'm already knee deep in cool stuff. I have free time - which I hope to not waste so much :) I even have some nice luxuries: a second monitor was given to me, all new socks, and my pen is still in great condition.

And to top it all off, I figured out how to remove the lettering from my laptop: black matte paint. That's right: neither hydrocloric acid (low nor high concentration), nitroc acid, phosphoric acid, nor proplene-2 will do it. Acetone might do it, but the key will melt before any noticable effects show. Potasium hydroxide (aka lye) works, but only if 1:1 with water (and I mean volumetrically 1:1 - 10mL DI H2O to 10mL KOH flakes). Unfortunately, it needs to soak for a minute or so, and the reaction with water is so hot it will thoroughly warp the key - and I think there will always be residual KOH on the key (very bad...)

And I setup a FaceBook account, and I recommend it. At least I think this is the one people here use... Meh, not petting the little sweaty things.

Yup, it's been a good day.


La La La, life is good

People seem to yell at me when i say that life is good :)
and new socks are always a good thing
do i angst?