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The Texas Microfabrication Factory!

So, turns out they make some things smaller in Texas. UTA flew four of us from IN to TX and set us up in a hotel for a couple days, taking us on tours and showin' us the cool stuff. I nearly died of OCD when I went in the Class 10 000 cleanroom that has the M3 and Mu3 systems (they didn't give us gloves or face masks... didn't nead 'em, but man I felt like I did). Their facilities are actually really good. Here's what makes ARRI cool: they know they'll never beat MIT, Harvard, Nebraska, or the like, but they are doing something shockingly original: they're building micro systems. I mean, they built a robot system for fabricating smaller parts, and a slightly larger system for putting the parts together - no one else seems to have anything like it (why?!). The people are cool, and they have neat toys. I may take their offer seriously.

And the TexMex was awesome.