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Say: I live here permanently - please do not come back... ever. Thanks.

So read this: http://www.creatrixblog.com/?p=274

While this would work in the short term, technically an elder (senior member of congregation) would annually visit to see how the person was doing.

Point of interest, I have no problems talking to my dad who is disfellowshipped - we are just not supposed to talk religion. Of course, some JWs are rather strict on this. And no, no one ought ever be excommunicated for speaking out on sexual abuse - that doesn't even make sense. I can't imagine much of an opputunity to disfellowship for reciting the pledge, unless an 8-year old managed to get baptized (somehow) and was flagrantly flag worshiping to spit the religion (this really oughtn't be a problem anymore, many chose not to do the pledge). Also, shunning is different from treating like the plague. I make it a point to show disfellowshipped people that I am glad to see them - there are all kinds of ways to not be a total jerk and still shun (sounds odd, but it works). I also never use the word goat, and honestly find it strange people would use sysmbolism like that in everyday conversation.

At any rate, the trick is that we're supposed re-canvas areas at least once a year since people come and go frequently. I mean, that's all there is to it; we tned to be thorough.

So here's how to get JWs to not show up frequently if you live in a JW-dense area:
Say: "I am not interested, and I would appreciate it if you did not come back. Please place my home on the do-not-call list. I will be living here for at least a few more years, so this request is permanent. Thanks."

Anyone who shows up within a year after that is not doing their job right. Thanks Guy for pointing this out. I fear there is a lack of understanding by many over-zealous JWs on this matter.