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Step One: Graduate RHIT, Step Two: ???, Step Three: Profit!

Step One: I gradjimacated!

I think my family got more out of it than I did. I mean, the last four years took the surprise and shock out of it for me. As they say, the journey counts more, and while my scholastic career is not much to applaud, I have lived a whole lot these last four years. Rose let me toy with millions of dollars worth of uber-tech machines, I've driven a bulldozer, road tripped thousands of miles, spent a few days worth in airports, made a score of friends (and even more good aquaintances), figured out some of the deeper questions of LU&E, etc. Enlightening and amusing, the last fours years have essentially been good to me.

Step Two: ???

Beyond a summer internship at Wolf Technical, I do not know what I am going to do. I think I may be heading to either U of Penn or U of Texas @ Arlington (specifically the ARRI). The goal is a PhD, but a good job might also be nice. In the mean time, I plan on reading more, beating KotOR II, and being awesome at my job. The ego boost to doing a job well will be invaluable for surviving the first few months of grad school.

Step Three: Profit!

And here's where I say that Rose was worth it for all the money it will make me. Well, at least money is nice; even the Bible says cash is a protection. But I'm far more interested in other intangibles. I hope to be teaching, and ideally I'll be teaching at Rose - but not until I've taught elsewhere for a while (I really don't want to be one of those lousy-but-well-meaning newbie teaches Rose gets occasionally).

So: To all those who have gotten me through these last few years and helped me, thanks! I really appreciate your balancing (in)sanity to keep things in perspective. I have no doubt I'll see you guys around in a few years!