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Ok, so I fixed the robot problem.

See, the snotty little sensor data was not being gathered properly. The left sensor (A0) and the center sensor (A1) seemed to work alright. The right IR sensor (A2) always was high, which meant it was saturated all the time. Which was false.

So I swapped the right and center lines to the sensor, and mangled the names in the code so IRCenter == A2 and IRRight == A1.

This solution is completely bogus. It makes no sense at all. I've got an idea, but I also have some prtty good evidence against it, too.

Technical things behave strangely around me. It's really frustrating. On the upside, the gorram little bugger works now, and so I can quickly jog out the programs needed.


Could there have been a bad connection to the right sensor that got fixed when you switched the two?
The connection was inconsistent, but I don't think that was all of it. It's certainly possible it was shorting. After testing it, I got the impression that the sensor was bad, but was wrong about that, which limits the problem to the wire's connector or the software routine. Prolly the wire, but it's strange that it only fails on one connector.