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Seriously, Sonic's awesome

I'm getting to a bit of a wreck all the time now. I've had a bit of constant but small panic for weeks now, and the only relief I've had is some pure joy/rage while playing Sonic. Right now, I have a little less than 3 and a half hours to get a chuck of research done for the conference tomorrow. I've very worried about the FE exam coming up, since I've heard nothing about review sessions - and I could really use one. Oh yeah, and still unemployed.

I just hope I don't unravel much more.


There's stuff online that can help review for the FE. I was gonna do that. We can put together our own study session if you want.
people at the house are probably going to do some studying stuff, I will tell you if we ever actually get around to do it
hey andrew its Ashley...i made a new account...its Adam_DeLonge...so yeh....