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Today was a pretty good day, not in the least because it started at noon. After reading wednesday's webcomics, perusing notcot.org, and futzing aroung with the sputter for a few hours, I headed out to bcprime's and rented a movie and purchased ingredients for dinner, that ____ would prepare. At 7:30 I was on the other end of the High Land and broke a poor student's mind with physics, and then returned to eat and watch the film (Stranger Than Fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed it. On the way back, I decided to take another route, but ended up going the way I normally do, and had to stop for 3 stray puppies crossing the street. They looked like they were from different breeds, but maybe they were all huskies - their colors were very different. Trying to approach them, one started to do that 'turn around and walk away (with a little whine) all while still looking back' tease thing dogs sometimes do, but my foot fell through a foot and a half of frozen snow.

The puppies got me thinking, partly because it's an uncommon occurence to see a pack 'o puppies walk in front of your car. Even if one did approach me, I would only have let it go, but it would have been nice to pet for a moment. My pragmatism gets the better of me, and seeing how old they were, it seemed as though the little pups had survived together for a while; I'm sure they'll be fine. But I would have loved to have snuck one into my car and run back to bcprime's and asked them to hold onto to it until I left school.

When I was a little kid and got that flea-bitten and abused dog, I was elated; it never occured to me that I could have such a pet - that was something other people had. Ray was great to heve around, and Cole even slept on the bed sometimes - just like in those kids books. I also knew it wouldn't last forever, so I made sure to cherish the time I took them for granted. Many people don't do that, and they miss out on what they really like, the taking things for granted part - to do so means we're secure and trust things are safely in steady-state and can rely on them to be there.

I miss that, and as soon as I leave school, I'm going to get a dog. Hopefully, there will be some down time, and I could get a little puppy and raise it, learning it's early mannerisms so I can better understand it later. Dogs are good listeners, and I often feel like randomly talking about stuff. More than they, they really don't care, and they make a point of it sometimes, and that's a lesson worth being reminded sometimes.

Ahh, enough nostolgia and sadness. bcprime: here's the video I wanted you to see - Remind Me - Royksopp Enjoy.
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