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My first(?) panic attack(?)

I'm just sitting here, fretting. It's very upsetting, which certainly does not help. I can't seem to calm down enough to concentrate on my homework assignment. I've looked at the problems, and their pretty easy, but I just cannot bring myself to get to it. I really don't think coffee's the solution, but it does tend to calm my nerves or at least give me enough excess thought speed that I'll do the HW just to fill the void.

. . . And I can't even begin to describe how nerve-wracking it is to have my monitor setting botched every time I close the laptop's lid. I swear this wasn't a problem until I fixed some arbitrary part of the OpenGL driver stuff. Interfacing's a big deal to me, and this whole graphics thing is just upsetting me a lot.

I played some Red and got 668 seconds; it calmed me for a short bit. Anyone interested in the song, it's Koop - Absolute Space (Jazznove Remix).