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So my research advisor gave me some advice for the SPR effect, which was, in fact, to rotate the laser 90 degrees. Turns out, I was testing for the precise not-gonna-happen condition. I really don't think explitives will cover this one.

It's alright though. My car's broken - wait, that came out all wrong. I mean. . . man, the profanity is really failing me, I just can't get it. I'll be getting my car hauled over to the dealership for a new fuel pump and possibly a recalibration to the stupid check engine light stays off.

If I can get the SPR effect to show undeniably just one time, I'm set. I'll get out of my funk and I will have the gumption to attack everything head on - including e-mag. But for now, I will fruitlesly try to make progress in R*Type III.

Oh #$%&!