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Why I don't post as often anymore

Well, first off, most of you who read my posts see me daily, so there's little cause to repeat myself.

But the other reason is that I really don't like whining. Like, right now, I feel nauseous from worry over Lexmark failing to call me, having to face another e-mag test, and the fact that I am sitting in this lab trying in the most futile way to take data on a sample I'm fairly sure is worthless (and I've been at this for months - it's like the NiTi idiocy all over again) - and the only game that would relax me won't run on my computer.

I'm also tired and quite seriously depressed most of the time, and I'd rather not drag everyone down.

So here's what I'll do: I find something I enjoy on the net, and I'll talk about it, and hopefully I can share some of the neato stuff that I find that you may not have. Those of you who have StumbleUpon will no doubt eventually see this stuff, but then again, maybe not. Here's two to start off:
Neural animation and Reckoning Day. Not everything I find is a pretty piece of art, but a lot is. Enjoy.