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Hi! - from sunny Florida

Hi all. I made it down here fine, and thanks to one of the students in my class, I found I passed my courses. W00t. Darn near miss too - though I think what happened with QM will happen again; I'll finally get to see what's been confounding me, and I'll suddenly be very interested and nail the follow-up course with an A. Ahh, sweet dreams.

As always, I highly recommend driving long distance. There just simply is no other way to get a feel for how big the world is unless you travel it yourself. I recomment taking US 41 through Nashville if you ever get a chance; the little towns en route are great and the hills of Kentucy are a relaxing ride. There's a four and a half mile strecth of highway immadiately after Chatanooga that is a 6% grade - a real thrill considering the amount of runaway truck ramps around. I will have put nearly 3000 miles on the car by the time I get back, but it's been great so far. I love that car - it's been nice to me.

I have been flip-flopping on what I should do after school a lot lately, it actually keeps me from sleeping sometimes. Real World or Grad school? I'm going to try to hedge my bets and work hard for both, then likely decide with a well calculated flip of the coin(s).

Anyhow, this is hcidivision17 signing off from Little Willie's RV Resort on lovely Arcadia, FL.