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I feel like I need to clarify a point

Hi all. Rant time, and I expect comments/flames for this.

There are a few disturbing trends in ideology that I feel are subversively benign - but not at all insignificant. And as a disclaimer - don't misinterpret my rhetoric in the following.

Many humans have and do live without ever pondering a hard intelligent problem. That makes me sad, but likewise, many don't care for the stuff anyhow. Fortunately, society now is data dumping via mass media the great thoughts of many great thinkers, and is also conveniently remixing these great thoughts so you don't have to. The result is a large population that is spouting dogma about what is right and wrong without actually understanding the whys and wherefores, and not checking to see if these thoughts are paradoxical. We are bombarded with books/shows/magazines/commentaries/newspapers/blogs/movies/games whose plots revolve around the fact that one person can make a difference - a big one. That one person's life is paramount in importance. That to die for an arbitrary cause is to throw life away. That to kill for an arbitrary cause is to commit a crime against humanity, nay the concept of life itself.
And such may be true. But it is also true that life is, in fact, complicated and that such ideals are over simplified despite their powerful. I, for example, will neither accept nor give blood transfusions. I have made this choice under heavy thought and extensive deliberation. One may not understand why, perhaps thinking that I underestimate the good giving blood can do. That a doctor has the right to save my life despite my stand. That I do not value my life. That for a doctor to respect my wishes is tantamount to assisted suicide. One would then be wrong. I will not explain my reasons here because it is not necessary for you to know them. I will explain them if you are open minded and have the patience, but all that is really needed is for you to respect my alternate viewpoint, regardless of your own.
Obviously, that was a dangerous statement. The above should not be viewed as the open-minded statement of toleration that it was written down as. I just demanded that you respect my beliefs, even though you may think I am a danger to myself (and should any others take my stand as well, a danger to others.) Too, I just made a wholesale statement on how you need to act and how you need to think. On top of all that, I just told you, at least in spirit, that my viewpoint is right - and there is nothing worse than a person who thinks they are right. They tend to tell others they are wrong. Viewpoints that are different are not bad and should never be labeled as incorrect - to do so is the epitome of arrogance.
Yet fight what you believe in. Stick to your ideals. Do not let others sway your stand. Follow, trust, believe your heart. My country rules. My government is the only rational manner of rule. Those who disagree are wrong - and should be shown why.

These are some motifs the media shouts at us. I hope you see a problem. I will not insult your intelligence by explaining the fallacies shown, nor point out the paradox. Understand only that I lack the genius to explain myself simply and elegantly, but that we needed either to think hard or chose a side and hope we're right, even if that side is undecided. If you think I just argued myself in a circle, think again.