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crash time

My strategy for the last week has been to take one 20oz Mountain Dew with me to my three classes, and slowly drink it till it's gone. I take a sip or two every 10-15 minutes, about whenever I remember. Turn out to work really well - I've a constant slight buzz and am able to concentrate well the whole time. I'm getting more out of the classes, and I'm following much more closely (Ireally think it's the constant supply of sugar really, the caffine just makes it process quicker).

As I realized walking back from my third class, though, I slightly crash once the caffine bottoms out and the sugar very shortly after. I actually felt the world lag slightly as I was approaching BSB - like stepping down a single stair step, but time-wise, gentle yet sudden. This has happened to me before, but it's always interestingly disorienting. Well, time for lunch.