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The Good Life

I think I shall enjoy this quarter. Right now, I'm happily piddling away the time, wasting minutes, but I have hours to kill. The room's quite, except for the constant but pleasantly even white noise, and I'm sitting on my Füf by the window enjoying the night breeze. Outside the lake's fountain adds more white noise, louder and more soothing than the room's box fans. Oh, and there's a cricket too. I slept most of the day, and I feel pretty good, aspecially with this coffee and fresh air.

For better or worse, I'm going to try to get up at 2 from now on. I like the quiet, and while I also need to be around people, the constant noise of our rather awesome gaming system will no doubt drive me batty after a month or so. Even the detritus everywhere doesn't bother me much (though it's my fault for not caulking the A/C, which fault I suppose I can shrug onto facilities for not actually solving the problem).

And my homework does not worry me greatly, I mean I've a problem or two in Relativity, and a pile of Disco problems, but neither should incite terror. Or stress. Kinda nice way to start off the year. I hope I have found a balance - not just some high point on the mood sinusoid (it's actually kinda hard to track and log...).