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Here is where I work:
Spy on Room 1
Spy on Room 2
This is RHIT's MEMS facility. In room 1, on the far right, is the coolest thing on campus: the hotrod sputtering machine! After we overhaul it in a week or so, it'll pump down to 10^-9 torr, have THREE sputter guns, alignment switches, substrate heat, deposition monitoring, and more! Plus the interface will have constant readouts of all the instruments and hopefully automate many tasks. I mean just look at it - it's got more expansion mounts than those old 486 server towers.
Oh yeah. and the huge cylinder in the mid back is the electron evaporator. It is one seriously onery old piece of equipment.
Room 2 is actually much more yellow - due to the filters to prevent exposure of the photoresist.

If you were wondering, these links are not obvious on tghe website. The guy in charge does not want people constantly using it - he fears the quick cams will break faster. I'm of the opinion that this is just a bit silly, but since few will ever see these links, I don't feel too bad. They're tere for security as much as for publicity I suppose.

Anyhow, if you ever want a good laugh, I'll probably be in there throught the day. Enjoy.