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Statement (sarcasm): *beep*

I have a decision.

But first: I went to cram in a NiTi deposition in the lab, and I noticed that the crystal monitor's watter lines did not seem to be hooked up - stupid crap. So I disconnect the 3" gun's lines and hook up the monitor's cooling lines, and guess what? No flow. Mind you, it was more frustrating than that - there was water and dripping and stuff was wet and other things needed disconnecting - but as far as I can tell, the crystal monitor has arterial blockage. Which means that it did not have a regulated temperature, which means that the data I got from it is worthless. Not to mention any subsequent data I had hoped for, too - especially since the water chiller raises the ambient temperture of the room to 85-90 degrees F. That, and to fix it is a four man job over two or three days, not including the cleaning, rotor-rooting, pump-down, test, and eventual deposition. *seethes with strong emotion*

I did not repair the system after the mineral deposits ruined two guns - but I would have been far more thorough. This is the last straw. This made me decide.

I am no longer dealing with the poorly run MEMS program here. I have learned much, but not enough to rationalize the time and frustration it has given me over the last year and two thirds. Instead, I will pursue what I truly enjoy - quantum mechanics and complexity. These topics never cease to bring joy to me, even when they're frustrating. Should I ever mention I'm going to help the MEMS group out again - politely remind me of 'stupid-crap' - and not so politely if needed.

I will train a successor to the machines I run and the theory I know, and I'm out.