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Unbelievable arrogance

I just got a reply to a question I e-mailed someone. The note had asked for confirmation and insight on a potential problem I had. In reply I got a message that was not spell checked, grammar was stickingly missing, and the tone was flat-out insulting. Worse yet, I no longer answer to this person, and this person is the reason the project I've been working on is taking so long.

I shot back a reprimand and I hope he either gets the message that I am thoroughly insulted and he was out of line, or I simply won't contact him for aid any longer. He knows a great deal, and his insight is valuable - but not unique or irreplacable.

This is a great case of where people are letting e-mails get too informal. I studied rhetoric for two years in high school, and am very sensitive to written works. While my writing is mediocre, rhetorical analysis is still fairly transparent to me - but I have forgotten the language to describe my understanding (I used to be rather good at it, but without practice...)

There is little likelyhood I will regret my response. This is not the first time I have been treated this way, but there's no way I'm gonna put up with this guy's stupid crap any longer.

This, by the way, is me stifling my anger. The letter was pointed but respectful. At least I didn't make any personal remarks, which may have been entirely appropriate.


Sometimes you want to reach out and strangle people...at least, I do. Hope the situation resolves okay. Good luck.