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Give this serious thought.

Read this: North Korea launches long-range missile

Now take a moment, and let this knowledge sink past the layers of desensitizing we've built up, past all the hype made over terrorism, beyond the cliches presented by the media.

Here is a country that wants americans dead. They want revenge, and they are prepared for massive losses and do not fear us.

There is a motive and a means at their disposal.

Is there good reason to fear, even if not for personal safety?


According to my military friends, they could only reach Hawaii or Alaska at best with their current armaments, and we have the means and capacity to shoot down anything they fire at us. I have been advised to worry more about a possible draft than an impending missile strike, but my information may be flawed. Besides, when it comes to being drafted I only have to worry about others.

Certainly, the news of NK's blatant disregard for consequences in their recent tests are most disturbing. I was rather shocked to read it on the news this morning.

...not really sure what else to say at this point, so I'm ending it here.
I figured they were not actually a threat - but it does smack of the madman with a single nuke scenario. In a way, I wonder whether the disregard will remove the 'mutually assured' end of our phychological safety margin.

And I hadn't even thought of the draft. Not too worried yet (college+physics) but yeah...