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Ok, why'd I find this stuff in a barn?

Well, cool beans all over the place. I went to see some friends, and they recommended a barn sale. So I thought I might find a table for the room next year. Turns out, that was the only thing I didn't get to take with me (there was a really nice piece of wood in the back corner that would have made an excellent table - but it apparently wasn't for sale.)

Instead I got an Atari 2600 w/two joysticks, an N64 (w/out video unfortunately...), a set of NuDAQ modules (RS232 and intrumentation controller modules), 3 486 chips, a veritable pile of in-package Xilinx chips, Sonic 2 and 3 cartridges, some random tag-along-in-box things (4 24GB tapes, a couple mice, and some cards), a high precision Op-Amp, as well as a bin full of sci-fi books - largely Star Trek and Star Wars with some fantastic classics mixed in (a great collection!), plus a book that is the history of the Apollo missions. Oh yeah, a a few K'nex! There's even this wire whose purpose I can't figure.

All for $11.50 :)

The books alone are worth it (I've been wanting to read Neuromancer, Gravity, and Manifold Time for a long while) and hopefully the Atari works. I just need some cartridges - which happen to be cheap enough. Total w00t@g3!

Tonight we will play on the radio a couple songs from two LPs (of a whole box) bcprime found: the first recorded electronic music by the then Walter Carlos and Leonard Bernstein with Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris. Enjoy!


Dude, that's awesome!