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It's today?!

Woah, I slept the yesterday away. Got in bed after work - got up this morn. I feel good now. Time for Room Sentry MKI work!

Update later that day:
There is a special feeling of accomplishment when, upon taking off your clean-room booty, notice that in your short travels, a spider got squished. Granted, it's a "clean room" - really really clean - so it'd've starved to death anyhow. "But," you may ask, "Where'd the spider come from anyhow?" Interesting question. The lighting fixtures seem to have a few bug carcasses in them - maybe Mr. Spider found a way in that way. Regardless, I'm actually pleased to now know where it ended up (hehe under my FOOT...) A day or so earlier we found the lil' stinker webbing from the cieling. Scott didn't like this and tried to throw it out into the airlock. He thought he succeeded; he thought wrong. Later that day we spotted a spider (I really hope the same one) crawling on the floor towards the door. We stared at it with bemused disbelief - I thought it'd be funny to not squish it then, see where it ended up; I figured an air cleaner would suck it up or something. Nope, I got it in the end :)

And, no, I do not like spiders. Even so, I have a fair policy with bugs - They may bite me when I am outside in their territory, but indoors, they are on my turf and face termination upon tresspassing. And that stupid spider was breaking every rule in the book trespassing in a clean room. That's just asking for trouble. So none of that humane garbage - that spider had it comin'.


<humane garbage>Geez, dude, killing that poor wittle spider... What'd it do to you?!<humane garbage>