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Know Momentum

I was just thinking how nice it is to be used to my surroundings. Years ago, I'd have no trained intuition to understand so much of what I see know. Never thought I'd ever make sense of a circuit, and while I have a hard time understanding exactly what the currents and stuff do, I see the effects of what the components are trying to do, and even how these effects overlap; with the right tools it's a cinch to figure out the specific. Heck, I'd have no idea what constitutes decent music, or what living through winter's like. Makes me happy, and sad I don't keep track of the excellent friends back in Florida.

So tired, and still so much work left to do. Sleep well all, and enjoy the hope summer holds! I feel much better now, and the crash's surge of negative emotion is over. Sleep will take care of the rest.

Oh yeah, and I stumbled upon this excellent story a day, for your daily entertainment nugget fix:365 tomorrows. StumbleUpon is great, check it out!