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Relative inter-tra-cross-connect

Never ceases to amaze me where hidden neural pathways will crop up. Turns out it was in a song this time.

During much of my later high school time, I had a Philips Nino and then a Sharp Zaurus. While I had the Nino, I installed a headphone jack and managed to play music on the thing. It's funny since it only had enough memory to store three songs. One was the Soul Choild remix of 19-2000 by the Gorillaz. I decided it was a good song to wake up to - it was simple but layered, mild on the ears, but just complex enough to pull me awake a bit. I listened to it each morning waiting for the bus (there was little else to do) or maybe when I got on the leg to school. I learned to relax to it and listen and feel every note in it. There are much better songs out there, but this one was decent enough.

Listening to it now, I feel more awake - not so much leap out of bed awake, but like my mind is now latched on and I could will myself to stay up much longer than I have of recent time. I dealt with rather heavy sleep deprivation during my later high school time, so it seems that my mind associated this song with my coping mechanism, and helps jump start the process upon hearing it.

This isn't a learning experience, I'm merely remembering one aspect of my mind I worked on. Apparently, I can't keep it all going at once.

So that's my next big task - learn to expand the level on conscious awareness so some of these useful routines don't get buried for years at a time. This'll be a toughie - but I just got done with one test (one that's taken so long I forgot I even started it), so there are free rescources available :)