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Myst V Complete

This was not a bad game at all. But it does disappoint a bit. I managed to bypass most of the space level, and the end game does not let you see the world of Releeshan as you might be led to believe in the pre-story. But there are cool things, and if you don't mind mild spoilers, I took some screenshots of the bad ending, posted here (these can be spoilers, be warned.). The bad ending so great, so well done.

The beginning is great too. As far as I can tell, you play the person at the end of Uru. there are plenty of reasons to think this, and it is important to understand that Artus and Yeesha are part D'ni, and thus rather long lived. There is no reason to believe that the Stranger of the earlier games is still alive.

It is short, and is a rather large let-down puzzle wise. It has the lowest puzzle to age ratio yet, and the tablet system, while implimented as well as could be, is still a bit strained. The only reason it's acceptable is that Uru sets it up, and was so excellent that one is compelled by the need to understand Uru better. Myst V is essentially the end of Uru, as well as the end of the Myst series. Extensions could be made for Uru, but Myst is over.

In the end, I like Myst V, but mostly because it feels like the conclusion of Uru. Containing beautiful, but small, worlds, this game managed to captivate me, despite taking only a few hours to beat. There are three flaws in the layout/puzzle solutions, but aside from that, it's well done. The beginning is absolutely fantastic, and the bad ending is reminiscent of Alice-like desolation. Play it after beating Uru: Path of the Shell, and you'll no doubt enjoy Myst V: End of Ages. Else, I doubt it's worth the time.