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Safe thoughts

Sigh, it's a nice night. Rainy, but the air is clear and getting crisper; perfect weather for thinking about stuff. I'd like to share my thoughts, but I doubt anyone would really care, and the ideas tend to drown into the wash of my usual background noise quickly - only strong, general patterns stand out afterwards. Unless I write it down at the moment, little survives. Of course, too, we'd write constantly if we did that. I suppose I try to take comfort in the hope that we never forget anything, and on some level every idea could resurface again when I needed.

I also hope that one's consciousness can always widen over time. A possible side effect is the feeling that time goes faster as we think slower, taking more time to traverse thought-space. Or that we need to sleep more, though I'd imagine that we would pick up the habit of garbage collecting while awake; sleep'd prolly always be more efficient.

Ah well, I've another 2.5 hours to go, then nap, then register for classes. I'm going to try for 18 hours next quarter; I miss the hectic fun of taking many interesting courses at once.