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Feel free to vent here.

Seems to me that everyone is especially bent out of shape this quarter. Possibly because we're juniors now, and this may come with the territory, but I've never seen such a consistently high strung crowd. I mean, even guyblade is nearly apathetic about school work, and he's the one I always look to for a reason to bother. I'm exhausted, and I'm not sure exactly why; prolly not enough sleep, but it feels like more than that.

If you've any ideas why this quarter's derailing so much, I'd love to hear it. Best I've heard is DST, and I think there's more to it.


You've got a bit of bad markup there. There's no dash in lj user.

I'm not sure. This quarter has just been rough for everyone. A lot of stress and not a lot of dedication. I hate school anymore. I need a break. Everyone does.