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Disengaging clutch

I need to take some time to verify something, but I don't have it available. It's no joke that I go to school simply to have something respectable to do while I wander. Hopefully, someday I'll have time to think and a job that lets me do so. Too much trouble thinking here - too many clouding thoughts and distractions. I need serenity and background noise, not noise that demands my attention.

What really bothers me is that most of the people in the world feel they've got it figured out, and are terrified that someone will convince them otherwise. The very idea of shifting their own ideologies horrifies them, though they'll tolerate anyone else's that is innocuous enough. These types often frustrate me completely, because they'll ram it down my throat, but will hear nothing in return. And these people call themselves open-minded.

Generally speaking, I don't have that problem; but I catch it occasionally, and that kills me. My mental firewall will bounce all ideas into quarantine for processing, and if it checks out, an idea can percolate down to my core philosophy. Few things ever get that far (very few survive, indeed) and there's an awful lot of detritus floating around as a result. The longer I stay here in school, the more eroded my mental discepline gets, and that's a bad thing. All that can be done is stave off the sloppy thoughts that people keep throwing and hurling around until I can build up my framework again and begin processing anew.

I'm also rather insulted that my teacher in engineering management (formerly a eng. project course) thinks that we are unable to think without getting stuck on a single solution. I mean, really! Our whole job is figuring out the best solution given certain constraints - simply remove constraints and we ought to be able to be immensely creative. She tried to get us to find relationships between our product and random words, then get something useful out of it; squirt gun + "weed". No one raised their hand - and I certainly wasn't going to share one of the ideas I had, I wanted to see where she ran with it; awkward pain followed. The comparisons had nothing very useful to add, and she didn't mention stuff like how a squirt gun could kill weeds, how a gun might use an analogy to roots to refill its chamber, how the design could be organic... she just sorta was like, They both use and store water, see?" I feel like I ought to have a migraine every time I leave that class, and there's this part of me that is worried as to why I don't.


You mistook what I said. There's no doubt you've got a right to speak your mind. I merely cautioned to excercise it with tact - otherwise you should expect others to do the same but louder and with more passion. Free speech is a double edged sword that way (and I've cut more than my share; I try not to fight much because of it.)