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Crash 'n Burn

I can't wait for summer. This hits me about this time every year. The constant weariness of keeping track of all the little details I was supposed to have noticed in all of my classes kills me. My intuition is fairly useless now, and it was (and unfortunately still is) what I use to understand everything around me; the material now gives no help in calibrating a rough estimate of what should be going on. I would always have an idea of the principle at work, a decent guess as to what the answer should look like in the ball park, and then I'd refine through analysis. No can do anymore: I try that now and I get nonsense for answers, and it's all because there's been no training the intuition - that's the real reason why you do homework, by the way. But the homework assumes you've already got some idea of what the stuff should look like, so it's no use either.

So I'm tired and worn from trying to reinvent an extremely complex wheel, and all I really want to do is play with the tools and the wheel. Let me play, and you'll see I can accomplish much; take away the fun and add frustration, and I feel totally unmotivated. And no, I can't trick myself by simply saying it's fun. I barely bring myself to finish my Hexapod, and I love whittling away at that.